Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Awesome sunset video of an 81-way world-record skydiving parachute formation!

After almost a week of training a group of dedicated skydivers put together the largest parachute formation ever built. It consists of 81 skydivers in the formation and several video people flying around. It took place over Lake Wales Florida USA just before sunset and has some incredible shots by some incredible video fliers, and a picture-perfect "starburst" break-away.

SPEED as filmed from the ground watching.

New Oakwood rollercoaster Wales UK
Speed is a steel tracked euro fighter roller coaster manufactured by Gerstlauer.Opened at Oakwood Leisure Park in 2006.
Length: 2000 ft
Height: 115 ft
Descent Angle: 97°
Speed: 59 mph
Inversions: 2
2000 feet of steel roller coaster built for speed and fun!The ride will thrill you with a vertical lift, a more than vertical first drop, a -1G camel hump, a flying 110 degree turn, a vertical loop, a 360 degree barrel roll and a horizontal loop at speeds of up to 95 kph!
The UK's only more than vertical drop...a 97 degree overhang!